History / Weekly Meetings

The Sergeant is ALWAYS Right


Rule #1: The Sergeant is ALWAYS right. Rule #2: See Rule #1.

Sergeant Bruce Sutton took a ‘no-prisoners’ approach at our last Monday meeting. Late- comers, travelers, and new club members were all greeted with the usual fines, but for the quieter members, Sergeant Bruce had some Rotary Quiz questions to test their knowledge. Some of these included:

  • Who is the current president of the Rotary Club of Suva?
  • What is the Rotary organization called that is geared toward high school students?
  • Who is the founder of Rotary?

Did you know all the answers? Our members certainly didn’t! The club raked in some hefty fines this week, despite the lack of a speaker.

In future weeks it was agreed that in the place of a speaker, new members should give a vocational talk about their work. We have a few to choose from!

Yet to give a vocational talk to the club are:

  • Prayush
  • Jen
  • Molly- for her new work with SPC
  • Anu- for her new work with SPC

So get your presentations ready!

And for those who are still clueless… study up for next time. Sergeant Bruce has no mercy!

Answers: Adrian Hughes, Interact, Paul Harris

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