Member News

Member News Brief

News and reminders  for RCSE members

  • RCSE is contributing $1,708 matching funds toward a donation of medical supplies collected and donated by RC Auckland, Downtown and Mt. Eid. RC Suva, Suva North, and Peninsula Sunset are also partnering with us to provide this significant and needed service. A collective Rotary handover event will be scheduled sometime in the next few weeks.
  • Time to start collecting $$ for your Barrel Night Tickets! Sept 27th is just around the corner and we will require a full deposit in advance.
  • Please remember to bring in raffle items if you have not already done so.
  • All members are invited by Ms Jen Poole to attend the 3rd Anniversary of Medical Services Pacific (MSP) at the Fiji Club on Friday 20th from 6.30-9pm. Invitation details below:MSP

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