Weekly Meetings

ASPIRE-ing to Engage and Empower Fiji’s Youth


Clip from a Fijian Youth Vision Video done by Aspire Network. This video features young Fijians who have shared their visions for a Fiji in which they want to live in.

Karishma Kaajal Kumar joined Suva East this week to talk about the ASPIRE Network- a Fiji-based youth-run NGO that aims to empower and develop Pacific youth. Miss Kumar explained that the group was initiated a few years ago by a  and group of young professionals from humble backgrounds who wanted to give back to their communities. The group has thus far been self-sustaining with some select project support from UNDP, MSP, Fiji Gov’t and other organizations. The majority of resources coe from fundraisers and in kind contributions.

ASPIRE is multiracial and apolitical, but encourages youth participation in democracy, as well as support for childrens’ rights, and empowering youth as peace builders and voices against climate change. Their youth resource centre provides a venue for youth to get leadership training in business development, profit & loss, public speaking,  Since their official establishment in Sept 2012, ASPIRE has also expanded into Papua New Guinea.

For those interested in supporting them, the group is currently selling tickets ($20 each) to ASPIRE young Talent Night for local dancers and musicians on Tuesday, October 29th.  In addition, Miss Kumar indicated that the group is seeking $1000 support to 10 youth workshops over the next few months. An email with more information will circulate on this, this week.

Many thanks to Miss Kumar and ASPIRE for this interesting presentation. We look forward to learning more as ASPIRE continues to grow.

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