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Club Assembly

Bula Members,

Please be advised that 9th December was our bi-annual Club Assembly in which we discuss administrative and programming-related business of our club. The following issues were raised and a number of decisions tabled:


  • There was a request for more variety in the catering, which has largely consisted of curries. We requested for more fruits and Western dishes.
  • We asked that water be put on the tables.


  • A movie night is being organized for February, focused around one of the big blockbusters- possibly Pompeii which is set to release that month. Tickets will be printed in January so that we can begin selling tickets as soon as we return from holiday.
  • It was also suggested that we revive Suva East’s once famous signature fundraiser- the Bingo Ball. A fancy-dress event with live band, bingo, food and drinks for $50 per ticket. This will be closer to May/June.


  • Now that all school fees will be covered by government, we are looking for alternatives to our plan to donate $ raised from the barrel night toward scholarships. It was suggested and agreed that rather than donating to a big, internationally funded NGO, we support some of the rural special schools.
  • In addition, another worthy fundraiser might be to assist in the importation and distribution of wheelchairs.

If you have any further thoughts on theses issues or other club matters, please bring them to the attention of President Parveen or President-elect Michelle.

Yours in Rotary,


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