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Satya’s Strategic Management Manual

PP Satya's textbook on Strategic Management

PP Satya’s textbook on Strategic Management

At last week’s meeting, Past President Satya Samy and former USP Instructor led the club in an engaging discussion on Strategic Management inspired by his newly published textbook. Written over the course of 2 years, Satya explained that his textbook is especially geared toward Pacific Island students for whom English may be a second language. He attempts to break complex themes down in simple language and uses many case studies from the Pacific to illustrate concepts of Strategic Management. Although Satya found it challenging to write something quite technical for an introductory audience, he feels he’s been quite successful with this text.

RCSE members enthusiastically congratulated Satya on his achievement and even shared some ideas for future editions- such as including bios of Pacific female CEOs and a section on Non-Profit Management (which, as Jenn pointed out, is a very competitive sector in Fiji).

Congratulations Satya and many thanks for sharing your work with us. It’s always enlightening to see the work of our own members.

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