Weekly Meetings

Commerce Commission update for members

Bobby Maharaj

Bobby Maharaj of Commerce Commission

This week, Bobby Maharaj, CEO of the Commerce Commission spoke to the Rotary Club of Suva East about the commission’s regulatory functions and services. Established in 2010, the Commerce Commission or Comm Comm, formerly known as the Price Control Board, is a government regulatory body, currently employing 55 staff. Their core functions include:

  • Reducing impediments to market entry and leveling the playing field
  • Establishing and enforcing price controls for basic grocery, hardware, and stationary items as well as spare parts and local shipping/freight
  • Acting as a Consumer Protection Agency, providing mediation and prosecution if necessary

According to Maharaj, the Comm Comm is increasingly assisting in management of tenancy agreements and conducting market surveys to ensure that traders are complying with regulations.

Maharaj also said that the Comm Comm is also aiming to improve their services in rural and outer island communities, where consumers are especially vulnerable.

Finally, Maharaj noted that as part of their service to the public, the Comm Comm offers trainings FOC to companies, staffs, and other interested organisations. Interested parties should visit their website at www.commcomm.gov.fj.


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