Speakers / Weekly Meetings

Innovation drives Digicel

Mr McLean


This June, the new CEO for Digicel Fiji, Mr Darren McLean, visited the Rotary Club of Suva East to talk about how innovation has driven Digicel globally and has moved them forward in the Pacific since their entrance to the market seven years ago. In fact, their motto is Fail Forward, an indication of the fast-moving organization’s philosophy of trying out new things, maybe making mistakes along the way but always moving on to doing better things. This thinking has pushed the growth of the business phenomenally in the area of communications and content delivery.

Mr McLean, who served as the CEO of Digicel PNG prior to taking on this role, also spoke about the similarities and differences of the Fiji, PNG and the Jamaica/Haiti markets. Digicel is considered a corporate giant in PNG and they are growing very quickly here in Fiji. Due to Fiji’s competitive market, Digicel has had to be very aggressive in their approach. This, Mr McLean says, further encourages a culture of innovation within the company.

Digicel believes and is proud to continue being a major player in the overall development of the communications industry in the Pacific region, not only helping make mobile phones more accessible to the general population but also now providing a full range of communication solutions for the people in the Pacific.

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