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Fiji Rotarians support the Ministry of Health

Bed Donation

Assistant Governor Malini Ragwhan with Suva Rotary Club Presidents Michelle Chand and Bob Niranjan help the Minister of Health Dr. Neil Sharma out of his new hospital bed.

Members of Fiji Rotary clubs provided urgently needed relief to the patients and staff of Fiji’s many medical facilities last Wednesday, July 16th.  Suva-based Rotarians gathered at  Valelevu Health Centre on Wednesday to deliver the first of 330 beds and mattresses that will be distributed far and wide rFiji.

As a community-based organization made up of business and professional leaders in clubs across Fiji, Rotary now extends it’s already impressive partnership with the Ministry of Health.

In 2012 and 2013 Rotary in Australia sent hospital beds to Fiji that were gratefully accepted and distributed around the hospitals and health centres.

Early in 2014 a request was received from Minister Neil Sharma for more beds. This time his desire was to be able to receive enough to send beds not only to hospitals and health centres but out through the remote islands and interior to nursing stations.

“Rotary in Fiji is helping as only it does best; connecting people and sharing resources for the benefit of those most in need. Rotarians give their time and money voluntarily to serve our community” said Malini Raghwan, Assistant District Governor for Suva. “We have seen the new hospitals and extensions and renovations and know how important it is to get nice beds for the patients” said Rick Eyre, Assistant District Governor for the West.

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