District Development Opportunities

There are two unique opportunities available for Rotary Club members.

These are open to interested individual Rotarians and clubs – Rotarians are welcome to register in their own right. RCSE would love to sponsor individuals to attend, but we’ll need a lot more fundraising before we’re able to.

Auckland – 9 September 2017 : Future Leaders Forum
Details at
This is a great opportunity for members who lead or aspire to lead club teams or to club leadership positions. It may be a chance for you to help prepare yourself for future leadership roles.

Christchurch – 28 October 2017 : 2nd National Membership Seminar
Details at
Most clubs could do with more members and can find it difficult to make real progress. This seminar may prove the breakthrough we are looking for, if you’re in Christchurch in October please consider making an investment in the future of our club and attending.

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