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2019 Rota Pacific Study Tour Applications Available

2019 Rota Pacific Study Tour Applications Available

Download your application from our site or contact us via email at rotarysuvaeastfiji@gmail.com for a copy to be sent to you.

Rota Pacific is a two week educational study tour to Auckland, New Zealand in June and July of each year, under the sponsorship of Rotary Clubs in District 9920. 2019 dates are Sunday 23 June through Sunday 7 July.
Its objectives are:

  1. to encourage young people of the Pacific Islands to develop leadership qualities and accept the responsibilities of good citizenship
  2. To develop understanding between countries of the South Pacific by allowing young people to meet, talk and live together with each other in a spirit of friendship.
  3. To involve Rotarians in the 33 Auckland clubs with the 19 Island clubs of District 9920.


The Rota Pacific study tour brings a group of young people from the Pacific Islands to Auckland, New Zealand for two weeks in June-July of each year. 2019 dates are Sunday 23 June through Sunday 7 July. In the past, this group has numbered four to six.

The costs for RYLA, food, accommodation and associated expenses are met by the Rota Pacific Committee and by Rotarians in Auckland Clubs. The sponsoring Fiji Rotary Club contributes the cost of airfares for each delegate they sponsor. Study tour members are responsible for their Visa and related fees, Medical and Travel Insurance, Clothing, and personal spending money.

The awardees generally are hosted with Rotarians in their own home for the first week.

In the first week of the study tour, the awardees are given an orientation tour of the City of Auckland and its attractions, including visits to industrial plants and businesses considered to be of interest to them.

In the second week, the awardees attend the Rotary-sponsored RYLA seminar. RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Award, and it is a live-in leadership training seminar attended by about 100 young people in total

At the conclusion of RYLA, the awardees depart for home.


Anyone can apply and be considered for a Rota Pacific Study Tour who:

  1. Is a citizen and resident of Fiji
  2. Has not previously been on a Rota Pacific Study tour
  3. Has completed at least one year working on a full time basis, and is able to take leave from their job for the two weeks of the programme in June and July or is in their final year of Tertiary study.
  4. Is between 22 and 28 years of age at the time of the application.
  5. Must have a reasonable level of physically fitness in order to complete the outdoor activities included in the programme. Any medical or physical condition that would impact on either international travel of the ability to complete the outdoor activities must be declared at the time of application.
  6. Applicants should provide on the application form confidential information regarding any medical condition and medications they may have or require whist they are in New Zealand.

23 June – 7 July 2019

• 12 February 2019 6:00 PM Optional 5 minute Presentation to RCSE Please reserve a slot via email rotarysuvaeastfiji@gmail.com
• 21 February 2019 Application Form + CV must be submitted either to a member of the Rotary Club of Suva East (member list at https://rotarysuvaeast.org/membership/) or via email to rotarysuvaeastfiji@gmail.com
• 24-27 February interviews will be conducted. Be prepared to give a 5 minute speech about yourself and your job, etc., suitable for presentation at a Rotary club meeting in New Zealand
• 28 February 2019 RCSE provides names to Rota Pacific Committee
• 15 March 2019 NZ Rota Pacific Committee makes final decisions

 Completed Application Form submitted by 21 February 2019
 Up to Date CV
 Testimonial from Employer
 Testimonial from someone who has known you for 2 or more years
 2 passport sized photos (printed 35 mm x 35 mm or digital 200×200 pixels)
 Optional – Presentation at 12 February Meeting of RCSE


These applications must be accompanied by two testimonials, one from the employer and one from a person who has known the applicant for at least two years. Testimonials may be emailed directly to the club at rotarysuvaeastfiji@gmail.com.


Two passport-sized photographs of the applicant. If the application is submitted digitally the photo should be formatted to 200 x 200 pixels.

The tour takes place in June/July 2019 You will be informed by 15 March 2019 if you have been successful; if you are selected you must then secure a visa for your travel to New Zealand. Once the visa has been obtained the club will purchase your tickets for travel



(To be completed by the applicant)

If you are accepted as a member of the Rota Pacific study tour, you must undertake to:

  1. Keep a daily journal of events, activities and discussions when on the tour in New Zealand.
  2. Prepare a 5 minute speech about yourself and your job, etc to give at a Rotary club meeting in New Zealand.
  3. Present a report of your experience to your sponsoring Rotary Club when you return home and a written report to the Rota Pacific Committee within one month of your return home.
  4. Accept every opportunity upon your return to pass on your experiences through both everyday contacts and on speaking to local groups, including Rotary.
  5. Promote understanding and goodwill when appearing in your own country or in New Zealand as a member of the Rota Pacific group, and respect the rights of each person and their opinions and be cautious about expressing your own personal opinions concerning any political, racial or religious issue.
  6. Provide sufficient money for your own personal requirements while in New Zealand.
  7. Obtain your own passport, visa, and travel/full medical insurance for the duration of the study tour.
  8. Return to your home country at the conclusion of the study tour.
  9. Accept as final the decisions of the Rota Pacific committee at all times and fully participate in the programme organized each day.
  10. As the purpose of the study tour is to experience and assimilate the New Zealand lifestyle, the awardees are expected to stay with their New Zealand hosts. It is therefore inappropriate for family members to accompany the awardees.

Download your application from our site or contact us via email at rotarysuvaeastfiji@gmail.com for a copy to be sent to you.

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