Weekly Meetings

The Story of MaiLife


Naziah Ali of MaiLife shares her story with RC Suva East

Publisher and editor of MaiLife Magazine, the tenacious Ms. Naziah Ali is a story-teller, a young entrepreneur and self-proclaimed risk-taker. Ali shared her story with RC Suva East at this week’s meeting whilst also introducing the club to MaiLife Travel magazine. The new quarterly travel mag aims to sell the Pacific to the world, featuring destinations and attractions across the islands. According to Ali, the success of the inaugural issue this month has indicated that there is a healthy appetite for this type of specialty product. Ali also plans to launch a Pacific-focused wedding magazine later this year.

These are just a few of the changes that Ali has since purchasing MaiLife Magazine from Richard Broadbridge in 2011. MaiLife is a well-established publication in Fiji; according to Ali, Tebbutt research shows that it has the highest readership of any Pacific monthly at 41,000 readers.  This makes it a very attractive space for potential advertisers.

As a young and single woman, Ali has appreciated having flexibility to devote time and travel to the development of the magazine and the brand. On the other hand, however, she has also faced challenges given her lack of experience. Ali has sought out business mentors to advise her and always takes a cue from public demand.

Aside from publishing, Ms. Ali is also an established fashion designer for Fiji Fashion Week and served as vice-president of Rotaract in 2010-11. RC Suva East encouraged her to join Rotary as soon as her busy schedule permits!

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