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RCSE donates furniture to Navua Health Center and Rampur College

DHL DonationOn Saturday January 31st, Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Suva East teamed up with DHL to organise transport and donation of 2 new hospital beds to Navua Hospital and school desks and chairs to Rampur College.

Past President Warwick Pleass organised and cleared the container of donated furniture while member Mark Komene provided transport in DHL trucks. RCSE members assisted with loading the trucks at Government Pharmaceutical Services on Jerusalem Rd and traveled with the goods to present them in Navua later that morning. The furniture was warmly welcomed by the Navua Hospital’s SDMO and Rampur’s Teaching Staff.



Navua Hospital bed donation

Hosptial Bed Donation at Navua Health Centre

Rampur donation

School desk and chair donation at Rampur College

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